UXA.ONE — Web-designer Team
We create sites and interfaces, make up charismatic branding, fully pack projects and do web-animation
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Web-designer team
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Design is not only a visual part, design should work. It’s a great responsibility to connect design with Front End.
Ilya Solodilov
My job is to create appetizing visuals – mouth-watering, I’d say. Someone may call it marketing. I also love all the details.
Daniil Sozykin
Design with a mood is some kind of philosophy, the best reward is client’s kind word and nice feedback from customers
Maxim Ahmetov
I love the result of my work, when the picture is complete and it looks great in general. I appreciate the balance of all given space
Alexey Sozykin
The most interesting part of our job is to create simple but yet emotional design so that you want to touch every element
Dmitry Moiseev
Site design (landing page, one-screen, corporate, internet-shop sites)

Project and idea concept

Designing / prototyping / interaction with ready-made prototype (promotion)

Developing and amplification of the meaning frame

Adaptive design for any devices

Providing mock-ups for layout

Mock-ups sharing + control on every stage of layout / programming

Development / promotion of corporate style / identity

Company presentation by virtue of visual image

Personal logo creation and development

Development of all corporate materials

Marketing kit creation / design

Logo and other template screen animation for motion

Group presentation in social network

Guideline creation (instructions for corporate materials usage)

Design support

Design support for those projects, that were created in our studio

Personal recommendations for project development

Task-by-task or hour-by-hour work performance

Work at short notice

Full involving of all specialists, when you are on a deadline

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